Bass Buzzbaits

» Complete Fishing Lure Kits

Ultimate Kits   $30.00
• 324 Fishing Lure Variations
• All Premium Wire Forms
• Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits
Custom Kits   $25.00 - $35.00
• Create 432 Lure Variations
• Customize All Lure Components
• Fisherman's Freedom Of Choice

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Standard Kit   $10.00
• 81 Spinnerbait Variations
• Single Bladed Wire Forms
• Brass And Nickel Blades
Premium Kit   $20.00
• 81 Fishing Lure Variations
• Double Bladed Wire Forms
• Maximum Vibration And Flash

» Buzzbait Fishing Lure Kits

Standard Kit   $10.00
• 81 Buzzbait Variations
• Inline & R-Bend Wire Forms
• Eagle Claw Needle Point Hooks
Premium Kit   $20.00
• 81 Fishing Lure Variations
• Counter Rotating Blade Combos
• Premium Skirts With Trailers
Popular Buzzbait Combinations
The Interchangeable Buzzbait Bass Fishing Kits
The Interchangeable buzzbait kits allow bass anglers of all ages to switch to the right buzzbait in any fishing condition. Interchange blade combinations and entice bass with multiple buzzbait sounds and presentations. Switch from an inline counter-rotating blade combo to an R-bend with a clacker changing your entire approach. Buzzbait kits include three different weight sizes to reach bass in multiple strike zones. Judge your wind and water conditions and interchange 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 size buzzbaits in seconds. No more short strikes with our Eagle Claw Needle Point hooks. All the interchangeable skirts have custom foils and built-in trailers. The Bleeding Pearl skirt works best in sunny conditions and clear water. For overcast conditions, Bleeding Green and Fire Tiger skirts are optimal. Locket heads have raised eye and gill graphics. Mix and match custom skirt patterns and head colors to design perfect combinations for attracting trophy bass.

The original buzzbait hit the national market in 1976. These lunker lures have consistently been great bass producers for the past twenty-two years! Buzzbait strengths against top water competitors is that it's more weed-less and you can cover more water faster with a buzzbait than all other top water bass lures. Buzzbaits will work in the windiest or calmest conditions and everywhere in between. Although early morning and late evening calm waters are optimal buzzbait conditions. The Interchangeable Buzzbait Kits make you versatile on the water and catch you more bass.

Standard Buzzbait Kit Includes

• Right-Arm Centered, Inline Centered, Inline Twin Spin
• Lead Heads: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Sizes
• Lockets: Red, White, Green
• Skirts: Bleeding Pearl, Bleeding Green, Fire Tiger
• Advantage: Unbeatable Price

Premium Buzzbait Kit Includes

• Right-Arm Counter Rotating, Clacker, Inline Twin Spin
• Lead Heads: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Sizes
• Lockets: Red, White, Green
• Skirts: Bleeding Pearl, Bleeding Green, Fire Tiger
• Advantage: Multitude of Noises For More Top Water Action
Buzzbait Fishing Videos
The Interchangeable Buzzbait Performance and Durability Test.
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Buzzbait Fishing Kits
Standard Kit $10.00
Premium Kit $20.00
Buzzbait Accessories
6 Lockets $6.00
6 Wire Forms $10.00
6 Skirts $8.00
6 Lead Heads $8.00